By: Andrea Jane Pearce

Whether you’re looking for a cosy bistro with an obscure wine list or a refined take on all of your favourites, our guide to the best wine bars in Central London has you covered.

28°-50° Wine Workshop & Kitchen


Situated a mere 5-minutes from the buzz of Oxford street, 28-50 is a stylish restaurant and bar whose name refers to the latitudes between which most wine grapes are grown. Pull up a stool at the central island bar and choose from an ever-changing, eclectic menu of 15 reds and 15 whites. If you’re after a souvenir to sip on at home, have a look at the ‘collectors list’ where you’ll find a selection of fine wines for sale, all sourced from the cellars of private collectors.


Gordon’s Wine Bar


If you’re searching for the quintessential London wine experience, look no further than Gordon’s. Don’t be fooled by its shabby exterior; behind an unassuming façade, you’ll find the capital’s oldest and most atmospheric wine bar, complete with subterranean wine vaults and historic memorabilia. Loved by Londoners since its establishment in the 1890s, Gordon’s is often crowded but your struggle to find a seat will be quickly forgotten when you’re sipping a cool sherry served straight from the barrel.



Trafalgar Square

As the name suggests, Terroirs’ goal is to showcase wine whose flavour transports you to the region in which it was made. On their menu you’ll find the best red and white wines from old and new world, as well as several low intervention and natural wines for the environmentally-conscious among you. Feeling peckish? Pop in for their lunch special and a glass of wine for just £12.


The Remedy


According to Louis Pasteur, ‘wine is the most healthful of beverages’ and it’s hard to disagree with him when unwinding with a glass of orange wine and a seasonal sharing plate at The Remedy. Serious about wine but not pretentious or gimmicky, this atmospheric wine bar works closely with small producers to bring you a unique wine selection that changes almost weekly. Drop by after a stroll in Regents Park if you feel like branching out from your usual sauvignon blanc or malbec.


Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

Seven Dials

Opened in 2014 by the Parisian team behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels offers a glamorous setting for enjoying superlative wines from a thoughtful and comprehensive list. Sit back with an elegant red Burgandy, a summery Provence rosé, a glass of sweet Madeira or, if you’re feeling confident, have a go at unveiling the identity of the mystery wine – you might just be offered a free bottle if you guess correctly.


The 10 Cases

Covent Garden

A laid-back, cosy bistro built around a wine list of only 10 whites and 10 reds (with a couple of rosé, sparkling and sweet options thrown in for good measure); if you’re someone who’s overwhelmed by too many choices on a menu, The 10 Cases might be the place for you. This is not a generic wine list; with ’10 Cases’ referring to the maximum amount ordered in, the wines you enjoy on your first visit will likely have been replaced by your second.