By: Steve Hicks

The homes of the famous wineries of the world: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo…. Battersea & Bethnal Green? They may not be up with the greats quite yet, but London has a thriving Urban Wine scene with some genuinely high quality and exciting wines. The grapes themselves aren’t from London, they are imported from famous regions in Spain and France and increasingly from areas around the UK, but the vinifying process is carried it in the capital, under railway arches and other unlikely places.

Why not give them a visit when in the capital – have a chat with the winemakers, and maybe ship home a case and have a unique talking point at your next dinner party?

Renegade- London Wine

Hidden down a small alleyway under a railway arch, Renagade is a winery, wineshop and winebar in one. With a mission to lead the charge on new wine styles and winemaking approaches, here the grapes are sourced 50% from the UK and the other half from across the European Old World. Pop down and see if you can secure one of the last remaining bottles of the first vintage ‘Champagne Method’ English sparkling wine made in London – London Sparkling 2016

Stay at: Fraser Residence Bishopsgate

Arch 12, Gales Gardens, London E2 0EJ, UK Website

Blackbook Winery

Are all urban wineries in railway arches? Unlike some of the others here who ship in great fruit from growers across the globe, the grapes for Blackbook’s bottles are all grown within hours of the city. Like the classics of Burgundy, the wines here mainly concentrate on two varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. However, there is also some experimentation, like the 2018 bottling, “Little Wonder” made from the  lesser known variety Cabernet Noir!

Stay at: Cheval Residences Phoenix House

Arch 41, London Stone Business Estate, London, SW8 3QRWebsite

London Cru

Based in the same building as multi-award-winning wine merchant Roberson Wine, London Cru was London’s first, fully-operational, urban winery, situated on the border of Chelsea and South Kensington. Book a winery tour and taste  their award-winning wines, some of which are listed at top London restaurants. Rather quirkily, the wines here are named after London Streets – their Bacchus bottling is called Baker Street!

Stay at: Cheval Residences Harrington Court

21-27 Seagrave Road, London SW6 1RP | Website


Starting in 2010 as one of a wave of Enomatic-endowed wine bars, passionately peddling an interactive wine experience, Vagabond now has seven locations across the city from Canary Wharf to their winery in Battersea. The area next to Battersea Power Station is quickly becoming a trendy foodie destination – why not drop in for a glass amongst the barrels before wandering around the restaurants and pop-ups.

Stay at: Taj 51 Buckingham Gate

Unit 12 Circus Village West, Circus Road West, Phase 1, Battersea Power Station, London, SW11 8EZ | Website


This saki brewery is based in Peckham  and although that may be a little out the way for all but the most avid saki lover but you might like to track down a bottle at Selfridges or Fortnum and Mason

Stay at: 56 Welbeck Street